Glen Armstrong Gives Us Answers!


What is your favorite breakfast food?

Lately, Steel-cut oatmeal.

Tell us a bit about your work in REALITY BEACH.

“Golden Age 6” is one of seven meditations on how people walk around with strong feelings for a past that never existed.

What is your creative process?

Up before the sun. Write all sorts of unchecked nonsense before the day’s first appointment and before some more rational, less dreamy state of mind intervenes.

Where would you like to be at the end of the universe?

What is your favorite part about being human?

It’s a tie between morality and opposable thumbs.

What do you rule over?

Insects. Snowflakes. Dusty Knickknacks.

How can we support you and buy more of your work?

Google Cruel Garters, and then send me your most unusual poems to consider for publication.

What is your daily motivation?

To get to the other side. (Same as a chicken or Jim Morrison.)

Anything coming up in the near future?

I’m working on a small press fair to take place in Southeast Michigan in the spring. Get in touch if you’d like to participate.

Who is your alter ego?

I sometimes get confused for this lunatic musician who sang Christmas songs about the Manson family back in the ‘80’s. Does that count?

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