Oyster by Amie Zimmerman is dazzling collection comprised of eighteen poems that touch on the hazards of agency and their effects on our relationships to each other and the natural world, as evidenced in ‘For the Juan de Fuca Plate’:

Do lawyers like falconry. 
I can imagine 
one in a courtroom, 
with an eagle 
on his glove.

The collective taking of Vitamin D. 
The collective agreement.

When I say magnitude 
I mean both 
and displacement.

If someone 
uses a knife 
and the room 
either cheers 
or boos, 
when do lawyers 
say “I can take it 
from here.”

Oyster’s cover features the work of Portland artist Samantha Wall and is covered in a protective sheet of transparent vellum. The handbound chapbook’s insides are printed on acid-free heavyweight stock and bookended with handmade paper.