Rembrandt With Cellphone


The first time we met William Lessard, he was onstage, reading a poem about Minions for an audience of poets and editors watching on in bewilderment. It was then we knew we needed to publish this chapbook. With Rembrandt With Cellphone, Lessard creates a new form of pop art which exists somewhere between a power point composed during a psychotic break and Ashberry’s more lucid moments.

One our favorite poets, Sharon Mesmer, had this to say about Rembrandt With Cellphone:

“This world is, indeed, a sad warlock — no disrespect, warlocks. But shoring these fragments of Bill’s (and, here, T. S. Eliot’s) against the ruins may heal your extruded bagpipes. This chapbook brings a sweat you’ll never get from a fever. This is how the jihad of bubbles begins.”

William Lessard has writing that has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeney’s, NPR, Prelude, Wired, Thought Catalog, People Holding, Drunk Monkeys, and Voicemail Poems. He won the first-annual “Bureaucratic Writing Contest” hosted by tNY.Press

This hand made chapbook is a limited edition of 100 8″x 8″ numbered copies. Its cover is printed on blinding bright coverstock, which contains 50 pages of text printed on premium 32lb paper, all bound with handspun Turkish thread.


Download Rembrandt With Cellphone