Alex Vigue Responds To The Questionnaire!


What is your beverage of choice?

Water flavored with those little squirty water enhancers cause I try to avoid soda but I have a serious sweet tooth. If the high fructose in soda didn’t make me anxious I would probably drink the heavenly nectar of cream soda all day every day.

Tell us a little bit about your work in REALITY BEACH.

“When I’m a haunted house” was originally part of a group of poems I was writing using found pieces of my own social media posts. This one in particular was the first of that group that I diverged from the formula of only using found text. The dread of being jobless, single, and depressed at the time erupted out of me in the last stanza of the poem.

What is your typical writing process?

A battle of getting myself off the internet and just sit down and actually do the work of writing. Sometimes I come up with poems while driving at night too. For some reason that’s my most productive space.

If you had a talk show, what would the name be?

“Without Rhyme or Riesling” because it’s my favorite title for anything I’ve ever come up with and it works for virtually any media.

Do you have any home remedies for loneliness?

Music even though it sometimes enhances the feeling of loneliness. Sometimes it’s good to sit in an emotion for a while. To actually avoid loneliness I keep myself busy with work or by interacting with friends.

What have you conquered recently?

One time. I woke up in the middle of the night in my bedroom. The only light was my green desk lamp. There were no sounds and the room was sealed up. I thought for a while that I had died and my brain had produced this little reality of my bedroom to shelter itself from total destruction. The though both comforts and haunts me.

Where can we buy more of your work (if applicable)?

I don’t have any of my own collections out yet but there are some great journals that I was published in that could use your support. Hermeneutic Chaos, Phantom Drift, Witch Craft Mag, Leopard Skin & Limes, Yellow Chair Review, and Crab Fat Magazine.

What motivates you?

Sharing my work in a vain but futile attempt at immortality.

Any upcoming projects?

I have probably four chapbooks that I have ready to be published. I just don’t have anyone that wants to publish them haha.

If Earth is a mother, and Time is a father, then what is Art?

The ant. Squished between pincer fingers. Stopped before leading its colony back to the numerous crumbs on the floor.

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