Andrew Collard Responds To Our Questionnaire!


What is your beverage of choice?

Definitely milk. I’ve acquired a bit of a reputation.

Tell us a little bit about your work in REALITY BEACH.

“The Undergrowth” and “Boy w/ Scattered Bees” are both poems that actually frustrate me. They were written rather recently for a grad school workshop despite not really representing where my head is at. Sometimes these poems feel hollow in the way that obviously post-modern/I-can’t-get-my-bearing/fragmentary poems often do for me, where there are flashes of feeling and place, but not necessarily any graspable representation of the world I live in. While those feelings and those experiences of the world are honest, they’re also only one part of my experience. Like, just because lived experience isn’t universally mappable doesn’t mean it isn’t locally mappable in a useful way. So in that way, these work as a kind of starting point to react against.

What is your typical writing process?

Right now I brainstorm for days or weeks at a time, to the point of exhaustion. Then, I’ll have a mad drafting period where I’ll usually end up with a few workable first drafts to tinker with into the foreseeable future.

If you had a talk show, what would the name be?

Nirvana or Foo Fighters?
Unfortunately, things would get violent rather quickly, I imagine.

Do you have any home remedies for loneliness?

Uh. Crying? And coney dogs, though good coney dogs are hard to come by west of the Detroit area.

What have you conquered recently?

The conundrum of living in west Michigan without a car. And by “conquered,” I mean “I borrowed one.”

Where can we buy more of your work (if applicable)?

Well, I’ve got a big five-section poem in the new print issue of Juked I’m still pretty jazzed about here:

What motivates you?

Books and records, a lot of the time. This week it’s Carolyn Forche’s “The Country Between Us,” Ross Gay’s “Against Which,” Guided By Voices’ “Universal Truths & Cycles” and Paul Westerberg’s unfortunately titled but excellent “Suicaine Gratifaction.”
Really, though, anything that makes me feel strongly.

Any upcoming projects?

Nothing to announce yet. Just chipping away at more poems, for now.

If Earth is a mother, and Time is a father, then what is Art?

A big suitcase of eyeglasses.

Be sure to check out Andrew’s poems in Issue Two!