Want To Hear About This Dream I Had by Sommer Browning is now available!

WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THIS DREAM I HAD by Sommer Browning is a chronicle of the author’s dreamscape recorded through the first half of 2016. 44 pages in length, it captures the intersection of the surreal and domestic that the running narrative of dream life transpires at. It is a diary of an alternate form of life, featuring elements of the author’s waking life free from the filters of logic. This book is a dream walk through the mind of a poet.


This book is produced in a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. Its cover features the author’s rendering of the title hand screened in matte black onto heavyweight reflective black mirricard stock. End papers are made from handmade dyed stock. It is bound with handspun and dyed Turkish waxed thread.






We are absolutely ecstatic to announce that beginning with ISSUE FIVE, REALITY BEACH will be edited by three of its favorite poetry minds:  Jordan Hoxsie, Precious Okoyomon, and Lydia Hounat. As the scale of our operation increases, Adam and Anna will be concentrating on chapbook editing, design, and production.

Jordan Hoxsie has been working with us as our social media and blog editor. They run the spectacular VARSITY GOTH PRESS. They are the author of Cry Lightning and You Walk Exposed.

Precious Okoyomon is the author of the amazing Ajebota. Some of her work can also be found in REALITY BEACH ISSUE TWO. You can read a really cool interview with her here.

Lydia Hounat ‘s fantastic poems have been published in Hobart,  Vanilla Sex Magazine,  The Cadaverine, and a lot of other wonderful places, including REALITY BEACH ISSUE THREE.

We have transitioned to a new submissions platform and will be open for ISSUE FIVE submissions beginning December Fifteenth.

We love you!

Shawn Berman Answers the Our Questionnaire

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How do you take your coffee?

if i have time, i like to take a bath in it before starting my day. i have been drinking a lot of sugar free red bulls lately. sometimes, if i’m feeling dangerous, i’ll chug a sugar free red bull before going on a run. it’s the closest i’ll ever get to dying without actually dying, probably.

Tell us a little about the experience of making the work you have featured in REALITY BEACH.

i was just starting to see someone new at the time and it was still very much exciting. the kinda exciting where you don’t mind answering text messages or triggering your IBS symptoms by going on a pizza date. but at the same time, i knew the relationship wasn’t gonna go anywhere, ya know? and i guess, after walking back from their place that morning, i was a little bummed for some reason. but i remember that i passed by a garden and it made me really happy. and i was really happy that it was quiet. i think i was listening to a drake song. the one where he’s all like: money taught me spanish / make it andale.

Tell us about the poems you’ve been writing.

i’ve been trying to write funnier stuff lately. i have a buncha notes on my phone that i’ll keep throughout the day and then when i get home at night, i’ll just look at them and see what i have. but there’s a lot of shit about fit bits, hover boards, and the kardashians ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What’s the last thing you burned?

chicken. i got really invested in game of thrones and the smoke detector went off and i just let it go off for like ten more minutes because i’m an attention whore.

Where is your beach?

there’s this bar that’s like three blocks away from my house and they have a buncha craft beers and my friends and i go there for trivia nights on thursdays. last week we won shirts so that was cool.

What’s the best line on the fifth page of the poetry book closest to you?

“you will be my friend until i say something to you in person that frightens you.” Sam Pink, “I Am The Best Thing Ever Introduced To The Material World”, From Frowns Need Friends Too

What is your favorite dance move? Please Describe.

my favorite dance move is when i scroll through twitter, late at night, and drop the phone on my face.

What’s the ebb reveal?

I replaced this question with: Do you think MTV should bring back some of their classic cult 90s tv shows?

No, all those shows were terrifying. Why would anyone want their rooms to be raided?


Brian Alan Ellis


1          MAKE A SPA DAY


Your sexually transmitted disease enjoys being pampered as much as you do, so why not plan a relaxing day of gluttonous bullshit? Deep-tissue massages. Avocado skin cleansers. Essential oils. Epsom salt baths. Sterilize, revitalize, and remember: It’s nice to be kneaded!




You’re a loser who loves playing Xbox anyway, so why not work your STD into the fray? Let’s face it: Call of Duty is the only action you and your STD should be getting, so make the best of it! Just don’t get too competitive/cocky/angry. STDs don’t appreciate that shit. Never have.




Dress up like you and your STD are headed to Comic-Con, or just wear whatever is scattered around your shitty apartment. Paint your faces like members of Insane Clown Posse? Fuck yes. Capture the memories. Selfie-stick that shit. Make it super awkward by separately posting pictures of you and your STD on Tinder to see who gets the most matches. Hell, videotape your STD. Make your STD into a Vine star. Gets hits on YouTube. Profit off your STD. Goddamn, it’s the least it could do.




Just kidding.




Don’t think your STD likes to “Netflix and chill”? You’re out of your goddamn mind! STDs are known movie buffs. In fact, most STDs seem to dig Cronenberg—so long live the new flesh!


6          BUILD A FORT


Remember building pillow forts as a kid—when you were young and innocent, possibly STD-free? Channel that inner bastard by making your domicile one killer adult fort—with none other than your favorite sexually transmitted dizzy! Pop in some TV dinners, chillax on the taped-up beanbag chair you’ve had since college, and just chat the night away about your various omissions and regrets before crying yourself into deep slumber. Your STD won’t mind.


7          START A BAND


It’s time to dust off that acoustic guitar with the missing bottom E string you’ve had since high school. See if you can remember the opening chords to Stone Temple Pilots “Plush,” or try finally nailing that hot “Man Who Sold the World” lead you used to struggle with while watching MTV’s Nirvana Unplugged special. See if you still got the chops. Your STD might be a slow learner, so have patience—maybe start with “Louie, Louie,” before working your way up to “Smoke on the Water.” Keep at it. Chances are, you and your STD will be slaying the open mic night circuit in no time.




Make a scrapbook of that horrible vacation you and your STD took to Machu Picchu. Perhaps use it to trace the lineage of how you and your STD first met, which could have been any one of those times you put your genitals where they probably shouldn’t have been. So sit back and reminisce. Maybe show the scrapbook to friends and family. Or, just treasure it as a special keepsake between you and your STD. No pressure.




All relationships hit a wall after a while. Sure, every day with your STD is an education, but dig deeper, move things around a little, shake it up. Ask your STD what superpower they’d want if they could just have one. Or, find out which Diplo club banger they’d choose to send their dream Spotify playlist into MDMA-fueled overdrive. Who’s their favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Would they rather drink a bowl of cat vomit or lick the anus of a dead hobo? Shit, just have fun with it!


10        THROW A PARTY


Why not have some friends over for cocktails and laughs? Doesn’t matter whether your pals are married or if they’re STD-single and read to mingle—everyone’s invited! Karaoke? You bet. Cards Against Humanity? Whoa, slow down there—let’s just see where the night takes us, okay? Chips and dips. Truth or Dare. Spin the Bottle. Hell, STDs are for sharing—so make it an orgy!



BRIAN ALAN ELLIS co-edits the literary journal Tables Without Chairs (with Bud Smith), and is the author of several books. His writing has appeared at Juked, Hobart,Literary Orphans, Monkeybicycle, DOGZPLOT, Heavy Feather Review, Connotation Press, Electric Literature, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Lost in Thought,Out of the Gutter, People Holding, Hypertext, The Next Best Book Blog, and Atticus Review, among other places. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

James Leaf Answers the Questionnaire


How do you take your coffee?

Black, usually, but lately I’ve been coming around to adding a bit of sugar.

Tell us a little about the experience of making the work you have featured in REALITY BEACH.

Well the shorter piece, “Changes in Apperception,” was written on a train between Bonn and Cologne in Germany, I believe. I was meeting a friend and feeling rather homesick. In some ways, that piece was both a manifestation and explanation of the things I was feeling at the time, like anxiety, alienation, and confusion.

As for the other one, “I Guess It Was July,” it is still one of the most difficult pieces I’ve written—but not for any emotional reason. It was, and remains, a piece that I’m not sure I’m finished with. Every iteration is something I like (or I wouldn’t have submitted it), but every once in a while, I go back to that piece and I add and subtract parts. It’s not conquered yet, I guess.

Tell us about the poems you’ve been writing.

Generally, I’ve found myself gravitating toward writing about the Great Plains of Northwest Texas, where I grew up. I think nature and the landscapes that surround us affect who we are to such a great degree that we can use them as lenses to see ourselves and our hidden parts.

What’s the last thing you burned?

Other than what normal people burn, a painting an ex gave me. It was a really childish thing to do, honestly, but that was a couple years ago. I had somehow convinced myself that I was making it “better” and simultaneously leaving behind those emotions. I just burned out the middle and left the frame. It did end up looking better, though.

Where is your beach?

In my hometown, there’s this disgusting, defunct lake that fills the gorge that marks the northern end of the Palo Duro Canyon. It’s beautiful in its unapologetic refusal to support life. That is, until the geese fly down for the winter.

What’s the best line on the fifth page of the poetry book closest to you?

The book is Elegy on Toy Piano by Dean Young:
“In the Valley of Eternals,
you’re perpetually in profile, talking
out of the side of your mouth to jackals.
The air smells of lilacs and barbed wire.
You enter the ballerina’s lair.”

What is your favorite dance move? Please Describe.

Coming from a rural area, I’ve done a lot of two-stepping. Hurts my hips though.

What’s the ebb reveal?

Plenty of muck and human tragedy.

Patrick Williams Answers The Questionnaire

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How do you take your coffee?

Black, cold-brewed at home, mixed w/ hot water at work. Lite Decaf, because I am an insomniac but also too cheap to by actual decaf which is $1 more per 11 oz.

Tell us a little about the experience of making the work you have featured in REALITY BEACH.

I’m working on a manuscript, Comedown Music, in which all the pieces are lyrical accompaniment for different things in decline. I guess they are a kind of bricolage, making unreliable use of language intended to manage, hide, or combat decline—things like memories, interfaces, instructions, and wishes.

Tell us about the poems you’ve been writing.

I’m trying to write a poem on about the nightlife zombies from The Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning” watching CBS Sunday Morning with the woman from Wallace Stevens’s “Sunday Morning,” or at least them finding the orange peels and coffee grounds in her garbage later as they wander home still drunk. I started that poem last Sunday morning and haven’t gotten very far.

Where can we buy some ?

My chapbook Hygiene In Reading is due out shortly from Publishing Genius, so you’ll be able to buy that soon. I also have some zines and prints and stuff for sale on my website.

What’s the last thing you burned?

Last weekend my friend Chris burned his hand on the filling from a gluten-free pop-tart, which is better than the last thing I burned: newspaper I waved in our fireplace to warm the flue and avoid filling our home with smoke again.

Where is your beach?

I’m not much of a beach person but I often imagine myself on the beach in this image above our oven while I’m waiting for a pizza to cook.

What’s the best line on the fifth page of the poetry book closest to you?

“He is working in an office, which might as well be outer space. ” From “Big Box Encounter” in Erica Meitner’sCopia (BOA Editions, 2014).

What is your favorite dance move? Please Describe.

My favorite dance move is “the Double Back,” which my wife Kelly does, but I’ve never been able replicate. It’s kind of a slo-mo Roger Rabbit thing where she does two backward steps when you expect a forward one. It’s amazing. I’ve only ever seen one other person do it, and that was in a commercial.

What’s the ebb reveal?

More ebb. Only ebb.

The Lost Inventions of Nikola Telsa

The Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla-page-001



A source close to REALITY BEACH recently forwarded us some exciting news:

“In what will prove to be an unmistakably significant moment in the history of Science, a collection of previously-unpublished inventions by the ineffable Mr. Nikola Tesla has been collected, painstakingly edited, and now freely distributed by writer and comedian Ron Lechler.

Tesla, perhaps now best known as the guy David Bowie played in The Prestige, was one of the most important inventors and engineers in mankind’s history. His brilliance was criminally unrecognized in his time, but in the intervening decades, the Science Community has come to understand the vital role his work has had in many fields: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, making huge-ass coils that shoot out lightning bolts, the study of magnetic fields, and getting fucked over by that opportunist and ne’er-do-well Edison.”

Our interest piqued, we downloaded this collection of Tesla’s inventions, and found its contents to be not only brilliant, but also hilarious.

The Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla-page-007


Perhaps most surprising about these lost inventions is that reveal not a mind brimming with the secret forms of energy production, or the mystic source of energy, but someone just like us.


The Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla-page-019


After reading the collection in it’s entirety, we agree with Dr. Thoreau P. Blackwater, curator at the Brooklyn Institute for Secret Documents, who’s stated “Ron Lecher has done a service for the world in bringing together some of his most disparate, and indeed, most “game-changing” inventions, which before now have never been seen by the eyes of the public.” So we reached out to Mr Lecher, in an effort to learn more about the editorial process that resulted in this book, in the only way we know how, the REALITY BEACH QUESTIONNAIRE.

How do you take your coffee?

I take it black.

Tell us a little about the experience of finding these amazing sketches.

It was pretty incredible. The blueprints were found in a storage locker on the island of Manhattan. Apparently he had paid for it for like 70 years in advance. People kept asking me, “Ron, is this real? Did you really recover lost blueprints for Tesla’s inventions? Did you somehow gain this incredible access to secrets that have for decades been kept from the scientific community?” I’m not going to lie to you. Yes. Yes, I did.

Where can we buy some of these inventions?

I don’t think any of them exist yet, but I think with a little effort and a lot of imagination, you could make some yourself.

What’s the last thing you burned?

Either figurative bridges or literal evidence.

Where is your beach?

I don’t know how much people think I’m making from the sale of this book, but I want to be clear that I do not have a beach.

What’s the best line on the fifth page of the book closest to you?

“I’m right here.” from page 5 of The Road by Cormac McCarthy

What’s your favorite sport?

Hockey fights.

What’s the ebb reveal?

I just want everyone to know that I had to ask the author of the article what that meant.


Make sure to check out Nikola Tesla’s Lost Inventions here.








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A chapbook by Dan Magers


The Alphabet’s Book of Colors: Supplemental Notes for Philipp Otto Runge’s Die Farbenkugel, as translated by Kyle Harvey

A deluxe broadsides package by Kyle Harvey


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A chapbook by William Lessard


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by S Cearley



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More details to come.