Eliza Ryan Gives Us Answers!


What is your favorite breakfast food?

Breakfast burrito-if I am in any restaurant and they have a breakfast burrito on the menu, I am ordering it.

Tell us a bit about your work in REALITY BEACH.

I am really proud of the piece, because I started writing it about someone I cared very much for at the time, and by the time I finished editing it and was ready to perform it, I had let go of that part of all of that care and could just appreciate that I wrote a decent poem. And I also like that I stuck with the image of a clown at CVS even though a writer friend of mine suggested I pick something more universal.

What is your creative process?

I usually look at what is bothering me as the problem and think of writing as the solution. Each one of my pieces is coming from a personal place, so I look at whatever that “ problem” is and think, how do I show how this feels, rather than say how it feels? After I zero in on the metaphor I’m trying to build, I research. Doing research is sometimes my favorite part of writing because I get to learn new things. Occasionally, the metaphor falls apart at this stage, because I learn something that, essentially, debunks something I heard and thought was true. If that happens, I start over, or try to find a better way to articulate my feelings without using false information.

Where would you like to be at the end of the universe?

I am pretty boring-at the end of the universe I would like to be with the people I love, probably drinking a decent bourbon, holding at least one cat.

What is your favorite part about being human?

That I have these messy, complex emotions and get to use convoluted metaphors to explain them.

What do you rule over?

I figured out a while ago that I don’t rule over anything. I used to need to control a lot more in my life, but I think I gave that up after I turned 30.

How can we support you and buy more of your work?

I have a Patreon page for myself as well as the podcast I just started with my boyfriend and I am hoping to get enough support from that to self-publish my first collection: https://www.patreon.com/elizahryan.

What is your daily motivation?

I hate how frivolous this sounds, but my daily motivation is to delight people. There is a tremendous amount of negativity in the world, and for good reason, but I can’t fix that problem. My only solution is to try and make at least one person laugh every day, even if I look foolish. Actually, especially if I look foolish.

Anything coming up in the near future?

As far as performing is concerned, I am still trying to find outlets for that, As far as my other creative outlets, I will be selling weird knitted animals at various spots around the Hudson Valley and Berkshire County region in the upcoming months, leading up to Christmas.

Who is your alter ego?

My alter ego would be a vapid, materialistic, nightmare of a person whose greatest ambition in life is to create a brand of flavored vodka or a line of handbags or something. Basically, my alter ego would be one of the Real Housewives.

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