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jamie j. mortara is an arrangement of three equilateral triangles which are joined (with an inverted empty triangle in the middle) to form an even larger equilateral triangle. this is often referred to as “The Golden Power” in ancient Hylian literature, an omnipotent and sacred relic left behind by three Golden Goddesses after their creation of our realm. the three pieces that make up a complete jamie j. mortara represent Power (the goddess Din), Wisdom (the goddess Nayru), and Courage (the goddess Farore). many say the inspiration for jamie j. mortara came from the Hōjō clan, and the incorporation of the symbol was similar to how Western iconography utilized crossed swords. interestingly, jamie j. mortara can actually be viewed as just a single piece of a full Sierpinski triangle, a fractal and attractive fixed set with the overall shape of an equilateral triangle, subdivided recursively into many many even smaller equilateral triangles. more about triangles and other polygons can be found at