Much love to everyone who helped make Issue Two happen.

Much love to Evelyn Spear (@blackmoldhouse) for making all the art for Issue Two.

Much love to every poet in this issue.

Much love to West Coast Correspondent David Blumenshine.

Much love to Dan Magers, Kyle Harvey, Bill Lessard, Sommer Browning, Jessie Janeshek, and Anthony Robinson.

Much love to¬†all the people who’ve read and or attended our readings.

Much love to Christopher Morgan, Erin Taylor, Mitra Jouhari, Brian Alan Ellis, Sara Sutterlin, Louis Packard, Sharon Mesmer, Shane Jesse Christmass, August Smith, Richard Kerwin, Howard Kogan, and Ron Lechler.

Much love to everyone that says nice things.

Much love to all rabbits.

Much love to friends and enemies.

Much love to the big ice cream cone in the sky.

Much love to the people who’ve bought books.

Much love to the vampire weekend poets, and XTC.

Much love to lovers.

Much love to you.






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