Joseph Mains Answers The Questionnaire!


What is your beverage of choice?

Coffee. Kenya Gaturiri brewed most ways. I like Chemex. I like stoneware.

Tell us a little bit about your work in REALITY BEACH.

These three struts are from a project(ile) called BO$$Y. The whole enchilada is written in received forms. The goal of the project is to write the very best sonnets I can. And then the secondary goal is to smear it across the faces of the puritanical middle class and rupture their stranglehold on moral strictures within the world of art.

Art is unnecessary, inherently wasteful (of if nothing else, time—the realest currency), filled with objectionable people destabilizing the hegemony of mass culture. BO$$Y hopes to queer up space for the individual to be honest, to experience without the compulsion toward so-called objective judgements, which is a tool of oppression deployed by the shot callers and regurgitated by the moralists thought policing poetry.

What happens when a poem is so nasty that it makes one truly uncomfortable reading it? Then what if it’s the best sonnet you’ve read in the past 400 years and you got your lol status popping at 100.

What is your typical writing process?

Read, take notes, long run in woods, meditate, notes again, write, revise for years.

If you had a talk show, what would the name be?

Milk Shop.

Do you have any home remedies for loneliness?

  1. Screen Contempt (1963) in a dark room alone. Let the bleakness run its course

  2. Human touch

  3. Baseball

What have you conquered recently?

An abiding stretch of depression and burnout. A new manuscript. The secret neighborhood gang of grandmothers who used to steal my drugs.

Where can we buy more of your work (if applicable)?

You can read To Live Don’s Life: A Film in 15 Creams online as a chap for free. You can buy A Portable Model of How Memory Works at better independent bookstores.

What motivates you?

Beauty / excellence

Any upcoming projects?

BO$$Y is looking for the right home. I’m working on a collection of poems called CANYON. I’m writing essays that are interconnected and trying to form the structure for a residential project that’s more of a five year plan.

If Earth is a mother, and Time is a father, then what is Art?

The three year old with a dirty mouth running around in their chonies screaming in pain while the parents, Earth and Time, clap and post the video to IG.

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