Juliet Cook Attacks the Questionnaire!

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How do you take your coffee?

Poetically speaking, I feel like I should say black with insects – but regarding the coffee I actually drink, I’m a cream and sugar type of human.

Tell us a little about the experience of making the work you have featured in REALITY BEACH.

It’s a collaborative poem by J/J Hastain and I. The two of us have been collaborating for several years now and although we’re stylistically different, we both have a body and blood and heart and horror and debris coalesced into art sort of focus, so we’ve worked well together.

A few months ago (November 2015), a chapbook of ours called “Dive Back Down” was published by Dancing Girl Press – and we’re currently working on the final stages of our first collaborative full-length poetry book, “A Red Witch Every Which Way”, forthcoming from Hysterical Books.

Tell us about the poems you’ve been writing.

The one that suddenly unexpectedly popped out of my head most recently was called “Dick Wrapping Paper”.  Other recent poems have been inspired by my dying dog. Other semi-recent poems in the last few years have been related to my discomfort with middle-age and pending death.

Where can we buy some (if applicable)?

“Dive Back Down” can be purchased from Dancing Girl Press, herehttps://dulcetshop.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/dive-back-down-j-j-hastain-juliet-cook

Some of my other chapbooks (and chapbooks I’ve published by other poets and art) can be purchased from my Blood Pudding Press, here – http://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress

Where is your beach?

On a canvas, with acrylic paint and soft yarn gooped into a hard semi-abstract multi-dimension.

What’s the best line on the fifth page of the poetry book closest to you?

“Watching my mother slowly die I knew / My first release” (from “My Friend, My Friend” by Anne Sexton)

What is your favorite dance move? Please Describe.

I’m not actually a burlesque performer, but if I was, I imagine a dance move in one of my performances, involving the Die Antwoord song, “I Fink U Freeky”, in which just when it was getting pretty creepy/sexy with most of my clothes off, an onslaught of fake blood would start spurting out of my panties into the crowd.





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