I came to LSD late buried deep in my 30’s and went all LDS over it and stayed that way for a few years which wasn’t easy because I was this serious Jew from the suburbs with a real job and in-training to be a psychoanalyst and my shrink who I saw in those days more than anyone except my patients did not approve.  Really? Really?… though he was plenty interested in my trips.  I’d trip with Rex, who’d been tripping forever and was living with Andrea who was another  Jewish social worker like me but wasn’t interested in analysis—what she wanted was to move to Canada, where Rex was from, she’d do anything to get away from her mother who drove her crazy but they had to wait till he finished graduate school which couldn’t be soon enough but in the meantime they lost their apartment for no good reason just not paying their rent and since Libby and I were their best friends – possible – or the only people they knew with a house – more possible –  they moved in with us which the kids liked because Rex and Andrea were way cooler than Lib and me and fun flavored.  The deal was that only two of us would trip at a time because it took two grown-up grown-ups to watch the tripper fools and take care of the kids, but since Libby and Andrea were a little nervous about LSD both suspecting how crazy they were – that’s how this shrink saw it – but not wanting to confirm it, the two were always Rex and me.  Now you have to know this, I’ve always loved birds and when I tripped I could be counted on to want to fly, no one had trouble with me running around flapping my arms except a neighbor who would wave back and then I’d stop and talk to this sweet old Italian lady who told Libby she shouldn’t let me drink in the morning like she had to do with her husband who by then wasn’t drinking because he had “the diabetes” and was busy losing one toe at a time, and drinking when she wasn’t looking so anyway what I wanted was to get on the roof and start flying, the idea being to glide awhile before flight, just enough time for the true me within me to lift out of my leaden body and begin to soar into the clouds.

By Howard J Kogan