Mallory Smart Gives Us Answers! (8)


How do you take your coffee?

Black. No quips here. I’m very seriously when it comes to my coffee.


Tell us a little about the experience of making the work you have featured in REALITY BEACH.

the writing of the actual poem was pretty standard. Got an idea and went with it during that red super moon thing that took Facebook and twitter by storm this summer.

The most amusing thing happened during the filming of the video I did for it though. I was running all around a playground in my condo complex and  caught the attention of the maintence guy. He most definitely thinks I’m one of those crazy writers now.


Where can we buy some (if applicable)?

I have a two part poetry chapbook out through Bottlecap Press right now (which is awesome because they are awesome/shoutouts to BCP). It’s called I’m AntiSocial Coffee Never Lies and if you buy it I promise I’ll be your best friend and give you all the high fives if we ever meet IRL (this goes for everyone).

Btw there is a pretty sweet deal on it where you can buy both books for $14 (free trade amiright?!) :


What’s the last thing you burned?

bridges over facebook lol. Seriously though I did just burn my hand making tea in preparation for this questionnaire. I feel like reality beach is somehow indirectly responsible. You’ll be hearing from my cat.


Where is your beach?

My car. Or maybe the mountains. Or the woods. Or the clouds. Or my bed. Or maybe an actual beach. My beach is anywhere my impetuous spirit and need for comfort can come together. Where I can drink coffee and maybe hold someone’s hand and talk about birds and death and maybe even Kafka because I’m pretentious like that. And yes, I do believe I can do this in the clouds 😉


What’s the best line on the fifth page of the poetry book closest to you?

“because if the Best Teriyaki could be located /inside a forest on the western edge of North America, / anything could be possible.”  In Noah Cicero’s Bipolar Cowboy.

I actually wasn’t sure where the 5th “page” would necessarily be, because he starts it off with a timeline and 2 notes, so I just started from there. This line is from the poem “Proof of God.” The poem that stood the most out to me though is “Calling My Parents.” Noah sent me the book right before I took Maudlin House on the road, and somewhere outside Yellowstone I was feeling a massive disconnect and anxiety with the world and who I am within it and started reading that poem, and it was just amazing and felt so right.  If you haven’t read this book, read it now, before you even read mine.


What is your favorite dance move? Please Describe.

It’s probably some cross between jumping around and doing some weird kick thing while I throw myself around the room like I’m in my own mosh pit. Doing the kick thing makes me feel punk. But I would never do it in front of anyone.


What’s the ebb reveal?

The anxiety that holds us captive in the night, like a cat loafing on your stomach refusing to get up.

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