S Cearley Gives Us Answers!


What is your beverage of choice?


Tell us a little bit about your work in REALITY BEACH.

Reality Beach published two pieces, “light the clear light” and “my dead friend Billy Zane” which are to come out as broadsides in a special edition with two other pieces.

They’re works created by me creating a few programs, running the programs, then modifying the output. The computer does a little creating, I do a little destructing, it all works out.

What is your typical writing process?

  1. Work on the language database for generating the phrases, sentences, etc.

  2. Get frustrated.

  3. Work on the algorithms for generating line structure and flow, etc.

  4. Get frustrated.

  5. Edit together the words.

  6. Cobble together the line flow.

  7. Put words and lines together.

  8. Consider what worked and what didn’t to make the next one.

If you had a talk show, what would the name be?

Luscious Dick Industries Break Room

Do you have any home remedies for loneliness?

Old BBC comedies.

What have you conquered recently?

I don’t see challenges in life like that. It may explain why I’m not very good at business.

Where can we buy more of your work (if applicable)?

I have a pamphlet on Spacecraft Press called The Travesties of Plato.

Otherwise buy up my Reality Beach broadsides.

What motivates you?

Need. Self. Wanting to generate more to donate more.

I’m not really sure how to answer this one.

Any upcoming projects?

I can’t think of any.

If Earth is a mother, and Time is a father, then what is Art?

Art is a plumber.

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