Scott Wordsman Answers Our Questionnaire!




What is your favorite breakfast food?

Sadly my NJ roots preclude nearly anything healthful or “natural,” so I’ll have to say bacon, egg, and American cheese on toasted whole wheat bread.

Tell us a bit about your work in REALITY BEACH.

I had a pretty run-of-the-mill job in grad school, which is when I wrote these poems. I was an office assistant at the university at which I studied, so I’d spend my hours dreaming up these scat-humor scenarios––to sort of combat my deference. I also like to take digs at the more mindless aspects of hipster culture.

What is your creative process?

I scribble notes in my phone when I have a good idea, and then, when I find the time, I’ll return to the ideas and tinker with them. I tutor, teach, and work at a bar, so my schedule is all over the place. I’m not the type to luxuriate over a cup of coffee while writing for several hours in the morning. That’s too idyllic, and I think routines produce mechanical writing.

Where would you like to be at the end of the universe?

I think the end of the universe is coming very soon! Or at least, the universe as we know it: sane, fecund earth. So I’ll probably be in Jersey City, with the artist Josh Didriksen and others, eating wings or something.

What is your favorite part about being human?

The ability to think about thinking. Which is also my least favorite part of being human.

What do you rule over?

Definitely not my self-control.

How can we support you and buy more of your work?

I have a book in the works but nothing for sale! Following my Twitter is a good start!

What is your daily motivation?

Being a more accomplished writer than my contemporaries who went to private schools.

Anything coming up in the near future?

I’m teaching a poetry workshop and an essay writing workshop this fall! Also a couple weddings, but I am not looking forward to those lol.

Who is your alter ego?


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