Shawn Berman Answers the Our Questionnaire (4)

How do you take your coffee?

if i have time, i like to take a bath in it before starting my day. i have been drinking a lot of sugar free red bulls lately. sometimes, if i’m feeling dangerous, i’ll chug a sugar free red bull before going on a run. it’s the closest i’ll ever get to dying without actually dying, probably.

Tell us a little about the experience of making the work you have featured in REALITY BEACH.

i was just starting to see someone new at the time and it was still very much exciting. the kinda exciting where you don’t mind answering text messages or triggering your IBS symptoms by going on a pizza date. but at the same time, i knew the relationship wasn’t gonna go anywhere, ya know? and i guess, after walking back from their place that morning, i was a little bummed for some reason. but i remember that i passed by a garden and it made me really happy. and i was really happy that it was quiet. i think i was listening to a drake song. the one where he’s all like: money taught me spanish / make it andale.

Tell us about the poems you’ve been writing.

i’ve been trying to write funnier stuff lately. i have a buncha notes on my phone that i’ll keep throughout the day and then when i get home at night, i’ll just look at them and see what i have. but there’s a lot of shit about fit bits, hover boards, and the kardashians ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What’s the last thing you burned?

chicken. i got really invested in game of thrones and the smoke detector went off and i just let it go off for like ten more minutes because i’m an attention whore.

Where is your beach?

there’s this bar that’s like three blocks away from my house and they have a buncha craft beers and my friends and i go there for trivia nights on thursdays. last week we won shirts so that was cool.

What’s the best line on the fifth page of the poetry book closest to you?

“you will be my friend until i say something to you in person that frightens you.” Sam Pink, “I Am The Best Thing Ever Introduced To The Material World”, From Frowns Need Friends Too

What is your favorite dance move? Please Describe.

my favorite dance move is when i scroll through twitter, late at night, and drop the phone on my face.

What’s the ebb reveal?

I replaced this question with: Do you think MTV should bring back some of their classic cult 90s tv shows?

No, all those shows were terrifying. Why would anyone want their rooms to be raided?