Shy Watson Responds To Our Questions!


What is your beverage of choice?

soy london fogs

Tell us a little bit about your work in REALITY BEACH.

one of the poems was about my grandparents’ house & my memories there as a child & the other is about my best baby in seattle, hayley <3

What is your typical writing process?

i think of a line and either start writing from it right then or i save it in my phone for when i sit down to write and am going off of nothing. there’s always a line that i start from; the rest just pours right out. i also don’t edit my work.

If you had a talk show, what would the name be?

shut up, shy

Do you have any home remedies for loneliness?


What have you conquered recently?

i finished my bachelor’s degree yesterday!

Where can we buy more of your work (if applicable)?

bottlecap press has my chap, AWAY STATUS, & my etsy & society6 name is lazywednesday if you want to buy any prints of my watercolors. also, hmu for commissions! i do custom paintings for $100 & book covers (i send a scan and sell the painting at a coffee shop or something) for $50 😉

What motivates you?

nothing. sometimes i go to readings or read a book & feel inspired tho

Any upcoming projects?

i have a full-length manuscript sitting around that i’m going to work on a bit more and am kind of just trying to get more stuff together. i don’t write enough. i want to publish a full-length soon tho & i want to paint paint paint paint paint

If Earth is a mother, and Time is a father, then what is Art?

a baby

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