Want To Hear About This Dream I Had by Sommer Browning is now available!

WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THIS DREAM I HAD by Sommer Browning is a chronicle of the author’s dreamscape recorded through the first half of 2016. 44 pages in length, it captures the intersection of the surreal and domestic that the running narrative of dream life transpires at. It is a diary of an alternate form of life, featuring elements of the author’s waking life free from the filters of logic. This book is a dream walk through the mind of a poet.


This book is produced in a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. Its cover features the author’s rendering of the title hand screened in matte black onto heavyweight reflective black mirricard stock. End papers are made from handmade dyed stock. It is bound with handspun and dyed Turkish waxed thread.